Stadium Project

The Naming of Lynch Stadium

Pictured from left to right are; 
Andy Mahnke – FOMA Vice President and School Board Member
Pat Groves – FOMA Member – (Back Row)
Chris Walker – FOMA President
Danielle Hibbard – FOMA Secretary – (Back Row)
Shawn McNulty – Mukwonago Schools Superintendent
Sheryl Grossman – FOMA Treasurer – (Back Row)
Mark Greene- General Manager of Lynch Mukwonago
Patrick Lynch-Dealer/Owner of Lynch Mukwonago
Art Schneider – School Board Member
Cheri Winchowky – School Board Member and Clerk
Tom Karthausser – School District Director of Business Services

Build a Better Mukwonago

Stadium Naming Rights Press Release

This is the stadium Naming Rights Press Release.

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